For Serious This Time


Genre: Post Punk/Melodic Garage Rock

For Fans Of: Teenage Cool Kids, Big Kids, Native

Hot Dog! My friend Dara told me about this Long Island group maybe two years ago in a haze of trying to prove who listens to cooler music. This put her like 10 points ahead. 

These four guys have three albums out, but can you figure that out from their bandcamp. Long story (long island, get it) short, download or buy the album, give it a listen. Livingston and Bobsun are perfect jams to drive around and holler out your window while getting weird frowny looks from the guy at the bus stop. Based on a true Story. Also their occasional incorporation of group vocals is never a let-down. 

It’s  a marriage between emo punk and dweeby surfer. Together till they part.

Download It:

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Matt Wolff, 21 years old in Baltimore MD. He's probably going to flunk science.

Ethan Willard, 23 years old in Philadelphia PA. He never took science and probably never will.

Evan Lescallette, 22 years old in Philadelphia PA. He got a 1900 on the SATs, but he failed science.

Christian Willard, 27 years old in Lancaster PA. He's never even heard of science.

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