Love of Everything


Genre: Folky Emo I Guess

For Fans Of: Joan of Arc, Victor Villareal, All those bands are somehow related to Joan of Arc

Six degrees of Joan of Arc.

It’s Bobby Burg! He was in Joan of Arc! If you know Joan of Arc, you know Tim Kinsella was involved in it too. Ergo, we’re playing Kevin Bacon games with emo music. 

Love of Everything is what Burg was doing before Joan of Arc. It also really sounds nothing at all like Joan of Arc. The video with the tennis balls looks like a whole bunch-o-fun… Bunch-O-Fun would be a super tight kids cereal. Nobody tell Kelloggs, they might do it.

LOE’s stuff is kinda corny, most times really. It’s catchy though.

Their music is bare bones — the drumming, doubly so. Their lyrics, however, sometimes pick up on some often poignant put-downs. 

Ex:”OxyContin could be you / Everyone can take your place / Anyone can take your place”

….Meanwhile look how fun these tennis balls are.

Download it:

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