Sorry for all the shameless self-promotion, but I (evan) made this documentary for school last semester about the DIY basement show scene in Philadelphia. It features a lot of cool bands and people, some of which we’ve reviewed on this blog and some that you should just definitely check out. I hope you like it.

A full gallon of orange juice

We post music that we like. Hopefully you like it too.

Matt Wolff, 21 years old in Baltimore MD. He's probably going to flunk science.

Ethan Willard, 23 years old in Philadelphia PA. He never took science and probably never will.

Evan Lescallette, 22 years old in Philadelphia PA. He got a 1900 on the SATs, but he failed science.

Christian Willard, 27 years old in Lancaster PA. He's never even heard of science.

If you don't want any of posting your music, tell us, and we'll take it down... lickety-split.

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