Super Tennis

Super Tennis

Genre: Math, Indie-Pop, “Wrong-Pop”, Lo-Fi Math Pop Genre Ambiguity

For Fans Of: Johnny Foreigner, Pennines, Dividedividedivide, Noumenon

As Ethan already said, we totally study all the time and stuff and it’s so exhausting and we’ll forever complain about it on here…

We’re just so busy. That’s why I’m sitting in my room, eating Oreo’s and listening to Super Tennis. I was reading David Harvey’s Enigma of Capital and getting real smart about contemporary global economics, but who cares about that anyway. Here’s a rad band. 

This North London 3 piece with an affinity for 90’s gaming and taxidermy bears (it looks like one on the covers of their EP and full length) has a lot on their plate. They’re on par with Johnny Foreigner and the like, that whole english angst is fun sort of thing. 

They have an eclectic mix of joyfully shouted vocals, billowing mathy guitars, awesomely all-over-the-place drumming, and tight jams never get repetitive. I don’t know if they’ve broken up or not. Their page says were, I don’t know. Point is, they have an Self-Titled EP and a full length about a party. The EP is what I listened to this morning and figured I’d throw it up. It’ll definitely make adjust mood ring from “bummed out cause it’s not Friday” to “totally stoked forever.” Get at it.

Download (EP) Here:

Go Here for Full Length:

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